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DIN45 cap,DIN45 vented cap,DIN61 cap,DIN61 vented


Our company started its operations in 2001 .

ELINEX is a family-owned  Plastic Products Manufacturer and Distributor Company.

What does ELINEX mean in the plactic cap  industry:

  • perfectionism
  • precision
  • accuracy
  • helpfulness
  • competitive prices

We can assist everyone to find a suitable product within our product range.

We produce different function and size plastic cap (approx. vented caps, caps with degassing valve, airflow tap)

View our products.

We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

DIN45 capDIN45 vented capDIN61 capDIN61 vented capDIN61 airflow tapDIN45 airflow tap



DIN61 vented cap DIN61 degassing cap, DIN61 plastic cap with valve

DIN61 vented cap, DIN61 degassing cap, DIN61 cap with valve
20-25l canisters or jerry cans


DIN45 vented cap, DIN45 degassing cap, DIN45 cap with valve

DIN45 vented cap, DIN45 degassing cap, DIN45 cap with valve for 5-10l canisters or jerry cans


Dispenser pumps

Dispenser pumps

30ml Dispenser pumps


vented cap, plastic cap, degassing cap, airflow tap DIN45 plastic cap, DIN61 plastic cap

ELINEX CAP own production in Hungary
DIN45 cap, DIN61 cap, DIN45 vented cap, DIN61 vented cap, DIN61 airflow tap, DIN45 airflow tap

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